AUSTIN, TX – Island Sky Investments, an emerging force in the Caribbean luxury fractional real estate market, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Elite Alliance Real Estate of Rochester, NY. Elite Alliance, long recognized for pioneering fractional ownership of luxury vacation homes over 30 years ago, has taken a decisive step by joining Island Sky Investment’s Luxury Fund 1.

Luxury Fund 1 offers investors the opportunity to participate in the exciting luxury fractional real estate sector. The Fund’s co-owned residence clubs are being developed in premier, warm-weather locations across the US and Caribbean. These real estate assets offer numerous benefits to investors, including the potential for exceptional returns and the personal enjoyment of world-class vacations.

Island Sky Investments has a visionary approach regarding the path ahead. “Our partnership with Elite Alliance is another step in our strategy of joining forces with industry leaders and delivering unparalleled value to our investors. This partnership is a testament to our forward-thinking approach,” said Jason Caraway, Founder and CEO of Island Sky Investments. “We are deeply committed to enhancing investor returns, including leveraging Elite Alliance’s experience and success to reinvigorate this investment space.”

Furthermore, Elite Alliance Real Estate provides more than fractional ownership expertise. They also integrate their sister companies, Elite Alliance Exchange and Elite Alliance Hospitality, ensuring a vacation exchange network that boasts over 120 coveted destinations and professional management for the Fund’s residence club developments.

Rob Goodyear, the President of Elite Alliance, notes, “This investment in Luxury Fund 1 underscores our belief in the strategic plan of Island Sky Investments and our dedication to the growth of luxury residence clubs that constitute the core business of the Elite Alliance companies.”

“We are confident our partnership with Island Sky Investments will provide more than a healthy return on our investment,” Goodyear said. “It will also expand the portfolio of luxury residence clubs available to our Elite Alliance Exchange members.”

Both Caraway and Goodyear are enthusiastic about what the future holds. They believe affluent families will increasingly lean into the sharing economy, and the momentum behind luxury residence club sales will continue its upward trajectory.

For additional information, please visit Island Sky Investments Fund 1